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Despite spending a decent amount of my childhood running around wearing a towel safety-pinned around my neck as a cape pretending to be batman and saving the world, it never occurred to me that I would ever pursue a career as a performer.  As a matter of fact, I entered college as a computer science major.  

Somewhere towards the end of my freshman year, however, I saw a production of the play Terra Nova.  And I was so moved and inspired that I decided I wanted to become an actor and spend my life trying to make other people feel the way I did after seeing that play.  True story.

More 'fun facts':​

  • My mother was an art teacher for a while and, until my senior year in high school, I thought I'd be a visual artist when I grew up;

  • When I was 12, a bully at school started picking on me so I started taking martial arts (it changed my life and I've never stopped);

  • I love football and fútbol - played american football until jr. high when everyone got bigger but me and played soccer all the way through high school;

  • I lived in Japan for over a year and have visited on six or seven other occasions;

  • I'm an animal lover and the proud single parent of three furry, four-legged kids;

  • Currently, I am quite earnestly studying Spanish and (not nearly as earnestly) learning to play guitar;

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